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Hubspot SEO Certification Exam

The different types of keywords are:

Fat head, chunky middle, body keywords Head terms, chunky middle, topic keywords Head terms, body keywords, long-tail keywords Body keywords, chunky middle, long-tail keywordsHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers

Why is over-optimizing bad?

You can’t collect any impactful data to inform your next steps Google will be confused and unable to crawl your site You won’t be able to update a...

Choose all that apply. What data can you gather about your website from Google Search Console?

Search impressions Position in SERPs Time spent on a page Clickthrough rateHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers

If you track nothing else for SEO, make sure you track ___.

Organic traffic Clickthrough rate Conversion rate ImpressionsHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers

Chris is a marketing manager at The Pet Box, which offers subscription boxes for pet owners. Chris wants to increase traffic to The Pet...

Organic traffic, position, impressions, backlinks Organic traffic, clickthrough rate, bounce rate, sales Organic traffic, bounce rate, time spent on pageHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers

Why would you want to run competitive analyses of keywords?

To figure out what keywords your web pages are currently ranking for To determine whether you should be targeting a long tail keyword or a head term To...

What is the recommended format for implementing schema markup?

Google Tag Manager HTML JSON-LD None of the aboveHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers

What kind of heading tag should you use for subtitles on a page?

H1 H2 H3 B or CHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers

Which of these is a strategy to determine the internal linking structure of a website?

Pyramids Schema Canonicalization Topic clustersHubspot SEO Certification Exam Answers