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How to Turn your Cleaning into a Workout



Cleaning is definitely a difficult task that requires a lot of effort to complete effectively. At times it feels as though the cleaning doesn’t have a finish line and it is merely one chore followed by another.

It is true that home cleaning truly demands a lot from you but that doesn’t mean you cannot take the maximum out of it. If you desire, you can turn cleaning into a very efficient workout, especially if you find yourself engaged in this activity very often.


It does not take a lot to make this happen and you should definitely consider making your home cleaning better in terms of burning calories. That way you will not only provide your home with a clean environment, but also maintain your body in tip-top shape.

Here are some tips that can add intensity to your cleaning and turn it to training:

  • Play dynamic music in the background – all gyms have one thing in common – there is always music playing while everyone is working out. This is because music can truly get you in the mood to move around and exercise. When you include music in your home cleaning routine, time will pass faster, and you will certainly feel more energized. After all, the goal is feel good and music can certainly help you achieve it.
  • Increase the pace – if you truly wish to be effective in burning some calories, you have to make sure your home cleaning is more dynamic and fast-paced. Otherwise it will not be challenging enough for your body and thus not provide the result you seek. What you have to do is strive to dynamically work around your home with continuous effort. In other words, you need to increase the intensity of the physical activity, be it carpet cleaning or window cleaning.
  • Try to work against the clock – if you need a little urge to help you clean faster, you can try to beat the timer. Give yourself a limited period of time to finish a chore and try to do it. You have to challenge yourself with this, if you truly wish to be efficient. For example, set 5 minutes for window cleaning, or 10 minutes for carpet cleaning, and try to beat those times. It is important to keep in mind that you should not overlook the details of your work just because you want to finish fast, but rather try to be effective at cleaning.
  • Include weights in your routine – while it is true that sometimes you have to lift this and that during your cleaning, if you are truly eager for a challenge you can add some ankle and wrist weights. They will make movement more difficult and really increase the effect of the home cleaning task you are involved in. What you have to consider is this will certainly make your cleaning a lot harder, and just like with any workout, you will have to take a quick break every now and then.

Following these guidelines will enable you to truly transform your cleaning into a workout. Do so if you are a true fan of a healthy body and want to take every advantage cleaning presents.

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