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Important Years For Pediatric Dental Care



If you’re a parent, odds are you understand just how important it is to instill a healthy relationship between your child and their dental hygiene. Just like taking first steps and riding a bike, your child’s first few appointments with a pediatric dentist are an important cornerstone for their growth and development. Naturally, with so much importance placed on these first few visits, knowing when to make the appointments is essential.

Fortunately enough, Bur Oak Dental – Markham Dentist; they’re more than familiar with what goes into proper pediatric dentistry in Markham and can help dispel a little bit of the confusion. Read on for a few important years in your child’s dental development and lay the groundwork for their healthy teeth and shimmering smile!

Years 1 – 6

As surprising as it may be for many parents, it’s often recommended that you bring in your child for their first dental visit once they hit one year old. More than anything, these visits are strictly to help your child become accustomed to the dentist’s office and also to educate the parents on proper hygiene for their children. Once a child reaches the age of two however, dentists will often recommend standard visits every 6 months in order to stay on top of any burgeoning new teeth.

At ages 4-6, you can expect your dentist to recommend taking your child’s first set of x-rays to check for any cavities that could be forming.

Years 6 – 12

After children reach the age of six, the focus of dental care transitions from treatment to prevention as baby teeth begin to make way for permanent ones. While much may not happen at the age of six, your dentist might end up recommending a sealant, a type of plastic resin that bonds to and protects chewing surfaces on teeth prone to cavities like the molars.

Around the age of 7, dentists will probably suggest an orthodontic evaluation geared towards determining whether or not things like braces will be necessary for your child in the future. The importance of these evaluations can’t be overstated. Catching crooked teeth and jaw problems early on can make the difference between seamless treatment and more problems down the road.


When all is said and done, what really makes the difference for your child’s oral hygiene is the importance you place on at-home treatment. As long as you stress brushing twice daily, flossing, and routine visits to the dentist, your child is sure to enjoy a straight and glistening smile well into their adulthood!

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