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Why Are We Back Hurts?



Unfortunately, it is very common to suffer back pain. Sometimes in the lower back, another in the back, especially between the shoulder blade and spine, or in the cervical and trapezoids. They are pains that worsen or improve as our routine, and are often difficult to cure.

In this article we give some answers to find the cause of your back pain, as well as some tips that can naturally treat and improve your quality of life.

back pain

Discard injuries

First we have to do whenever we feel pain for several days or weeks is to see a specialist doctor to rule out any type of injury, especially if we have suffered a concussion . This is the first reason that we must consider.

If no apparent injury or is a chronic problem that has long drag, then we will consider other issues such as those listed below, in order to find to explain our situation.

The back and the emotions

One of the causes that are related to back problems, although many people do not believe in it, is to be submitted for a long time to some kind of negative emotion that has been causing tension in a continuous area back and finally it has become chronic.

In this case, the more stress or emotional stress we suffer, the more it hurts the area. And not always suffer nervous people, since in many cases it happens that the person suffers from inside without showing it, and this is why it hurts.

These are the emotions that relate to different parts of the back:

  • Rhomboids rage.
  • Trapezius failure and frustration.
  • Cervical excess liability.
  • Dorsal fear.
  • Lumbar frustrations.

If we want to treat back problems and related emotions we must consider that we have to change something in ourselves. We can always go to a therapist or take some natural supplements to help us.

The back and the organs

Another explanation I can give is that back problems are a reflection of an inflammation of the body that is near the muscle, that would be inflamed causing undue pressure on the area.

This is the correspondence of areas and bodies:

  • Right trapezius and right dorsal liver and gallbladder.
  • Left trapezius and dorsal left lung and stomach.
  • Cervical heart.
  • Lumbar kidneys (upper part), intestine (middle) and reproductive (sacrum).

If other health issues effectively we confirm that any such bodies may be weak (do not have to have a disease), then treatment should take into account the balance of this body.

Natural Remedies

Besides seeking the cause we can also deal directly with these natural pain remedies:

  • Infusions analgesic and anti-inflammatory turmeric, willow or harpagofito.
  • Local application of heat with the help of a hot water bottle or heating pad.
  • Application of poultices of clay or ginger.
  • Application-based anti-inflammatory arnica creams.
  • Custom supplementation with Bach flowers or homeopathy.

Beneficial therapies

Finally, a key part of treatment should be the external and manual labor in the area at the hands of a professional, and continue until we improve or occasionally when we have pain.

Contraindicates particularly recommend massage to relax the area, but better still if we can do a follow up with a good osteopath or physiotherapist to help us understand the physical imbalances that suffer, because sometimes we can improve significantly changing some unconscious habits.

We also recommend the suction cups or cupping therapy because it works considering inflammation of nearby organs, such as noted above.

Finally, in recent years it has become fashionable therapy neuromuscular bandage, using elastic adhesive tapes bright colors to go noticing a big improvement naturally, with the same movement of our body. Many athletes are using this technique, which demonstrates its effectiveness in pain and injuries of all kinds.

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