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Which of the following is an example of a buyer’s journey?



  • Dog-owner Dia is a first-time dog owner that rescued an adult dog from a local shelter. They work from home and enjoy playing with their dog on breaks. They enjoy watching dog training YouTube videos and subscribe to channels like “The Pawfect Pup” and “Ruff Life”.
  • Dog-owner Dia hired a local dog trainer to teach their dog obedience. They want to make the most of their sessions with their dog trainer, but unsure how. Dia receives a reminder email about their upcoming session, which includes details on how to prep for the session.
  • Dog-owner Dia struggles to handle their dog on walks. Their dog disobeys commands and has anxiety when approaching new dogs. They’re looking for a local dog trainer that provides obedience training and can socialize their dog to overcome its anxiety.
  • Dog-owner Dia hired a local dog trainer to teach their dog obedience. They’ve completed three dog training sessions and are already seeing a positive change in their dog’s behavior. They leave a five-star Yelp review for the dog trainer and recommend the trainer to friends.

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