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Situation: Neon Broccoli is a public relations firm that seeks to make boring companies feel relevant to kids and teens. Their marketing team’s top goal is to provide sales with a specific number of qualified leads each month, and the sales team’s top goal is to contact those leads within a specific amount of time. The customer service team’s top goal is retention. How well are their customer-facing departments’ goals supporting their efforts to scale?



  • There isn’t enough data to determine whether these are good goals or not. Add a RevOps department to your organization, and reorganize your other departments around it. Then let the RevOps team set goals for your departments, and you’ll be much more likely to achieve scale.
  • These goals look great! You should achieve scale shortly if you execute well on these goals.
  • These are very clear goals, but the optimal approach is for there to be just one goal that all departments are jointly focused on. If all of your departments are trying to make your customers happy, they don’t need individual department goals and metrics.
  • It’s hard to know if these goals are good without knowing what you’re company’s top priorities and strategies are. When you evaluate individual departments’ goals, the most important thing is that they support your company’s overall mission.

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