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Different interesting factors hiding in London attractions



London city is a wonderful place with many historic and traditional values and people can visit there to get knowledge and entertainment. The main advantage with the London city attraction is that it not only satisfy the wish of natural and art lovers, but it also satisfy the wish of entertainment and fun lovers.

The different categories of people or tourist can visit the London attraction you love with the help of a guide or knowledge. There are many iconic places and museums available in London city, and they should know the information about the places to get proper enjoyment.  The big Ben clock tower is a famous place in London and people can visit this place if they get special permissions. They have to spend certain time to climb to the big Ben clock.


The tourist will get allowed with ear plugs because the bell will sound with heavy noise. They do not have to mind about ear problems. Other architectural place in London city is St. Paul’s cathedral, and it is also one of the good London attractions you love. It is a beautiful building made with the help of wonderful architect called Christopher wren. Though this has building has huge attraction, tourist have to visit in appropriate timings as assigned by the trustees. The fee amount is different for adults and children, and this helps them to save their money in a considerable way. An interesting fact in fee option is that family ticket amount is very minimal, and this gives a relief to the visitors.

The Piccadilly Circus is one of the entertainment factors available in the London city attractions. This circus is popular for two important aspects, and they are huge neon advertising and statue of Eros. This statue meant to be the angel of Christian charity and people are thinking that this is a Greek god representing love. There are different ratings and reviews available for London attractions you love, and they can view those things to get better enjoyment. Their travel will be good and pleasant when they visit the various landmarks, parks, museums and other attractions in London city. There are many magnificent and breath taking places available in London and people can enjoy them properly when they the facts about those things.

There is much tourism industry, and guides are available and they can choose the one that suits their needs and budget. They should avoid the luxurious tourism travelers because they will charge a high fee for their travel. They have to be careful enough in choosing the tourism guide to spend their vacations and holidays in a beneficial way without any loss. London planetarium is a place where they can enjoy the real sky in an effective and enthusiastic way. Green Park in London is a glorious park which gives enough entertainment and funs to the kids. There are many hotels and places available near this green park and people can stay comfortable thereafter many iconic places and landmarks.

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