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True or False? Although it may require adaptations, all companies and websites are a good-fit for Growth-Driven Design?



  • True – Everyone is a great-fit for GDD even if they don’t know it yet. Because it’s a new process, it’s common for it to take six-eight months for the process to click. Those who have experience in agile, it will click faster.
  • True – What makes someone a good-fit for GDD is less about industry or type of website. The most important criteria is if they have adopted the “new mindset” towards their website.
  • False – It is impossible to implement GDD effectively with large enterprise companies. For these companies, it’s recommended to use traditional web design.
  • False – GDD is primarily designed for technology, software, and agile companies as they use a similar process when building their products.

HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification Exam Answers

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