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Scenario: A client’s CEO wants to replace their CMS (Content Management System) within one month because it isn’t meeting all of the organization’s needs. When you interview the day-to-day users, you realize that the CMS is deeply ingrained into the company’s business process, and is being used heavily. You know that it will likely take over 6 months, at the very least, to replatform to a new CMS. What should you tell the client’s CEO?



  • Be straightforward with the CEO. She may not be satisfied with the CMS, but it’s too deeply ingrained to replace quickly. It will take time and money to properly replace it with a new CMS.
  • Decline the project and move on. Let the CEO know you cannot meet their timeline, and therefore they aren’t a good fit for your services. Tell the CEO to buy a HubSpot technical consulting package.
  • Tell the CEO to buy a HubSpot technical consulting package.
  • Tell the CEO that they should forget about replacing the CMS, and should focus on replacing their CRM system instead.

HubSpot Platform Consulting Certification Exam Answers

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